Friday, November 6, 2015

iphone life fortyfive

october... objectively the very best month. on my phone.

we play at central park because we fancy

we eat starbucks cake pops because... we fancy?

oh you know, just relaxing in his hotel room

it was our anniversary! we ate at a gz restaurant! and had dessert at grand central station. and remembered our wedding... 11 years ago!

morning hotel apple, how we do

relaxing with uncle sean

heath and beckett are going to be roomies! and it's so exciting, but i will miss this sweet nursery

just some besties

little swinger

some park adventure buddies

his first starbucks drink! a caramel macchiato!*

it is SO easy to pose all these children. i should get an award for capturing not one single kid looking at me

"mom. take a picture of me in this mask and text it to dad to freak him out!"

when grandpa visits we must all squish onto the smallest amount of couch possible

pumpkin patchin' with grandpa

at a bounce house party. i wish i could tell you that he is wet with water...

you're just going to sweetly read a book together. excuse me while i just die over it

i thought we might be permanently living in this corn maze. somehow getting to this tall bridge was not even helpful

beckett and winifred sanderson

parachute time is the best time, but you knew that

at a baby shower for baby david!

we go through an obscene amount of milk in this household. it needed documentation

i made mussels for matt for his bday! and i only dry-heaved like seven times during the process

he's 33!!!

and he's going to be an expert ukulele player by 34

birthday dinner at the brand spankin' new mcmenamins anderson school

who is eating our pumpkin's eyes?! it's terrifying

a cowboy?

more desperate photography attempts with too many children

practicing my bunny makeup skills. his face is too cute

march hare and white rabbit at a tea party

wheelbarrow brothers

american gothic

so good at painting his... pumpkin

pumpkin science day with b at school

pumpkin carving. penelope designed a monster. horrifying!

even more horrifying? this pig with giant fake teeth at beckett's dentist's office


october wasn't perfect. i totaled my van. whomp whomp

all hallows eve!

scary pumpkin! ahh!

a retired white rabbit after a big (confusing to him) night of trick or treating

*this was a lie. it was warm milk. i did not give my one year old coffee. so stop freaking out!